CPhI 2016 Event Visuals

Creative Direction: Sónia Teixeira Design: Chalk, Sónia Teixeira and Aisha Kareem (in-house designer) September–October 2016 CPhI Barcelona is a must-go event for the pharmaceutical industry. Our Newport products support professionals accelerating commercialisation throughout all stages of the process. We've opted for an open layout and striking imagery to highlight the sense of speed with the tagline: Spot the opportunity, manage risk, and get to market.

Event Booth; Design: Chalk
Event Booth; Design: Chalk
Meeting Room Posters; Design: Aisha Kareem (in-house designer)
Product Factsheets; Design: Aisha Kareem (in-house designer)
10 Tips Event Prep Guide; Design: Sónia Teixeira
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